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Spires Heritage offer churches and charities support and guidance in securing funding for building and community projects. A large part of our work is with Anglican churches in the Chelmsford Diocese. We will work with clients to provide support with the planning and application process and to design winning projects. The level of our support depends on the need and capacity of each individual client we are working with and this is agreed early on in the process.


There are a wealth of funding possibilities available to churches and charities. We believe there is a great opportunity for churches to benefit from these funding sources, however, many are not aware of the funds available or do not have the capacity to prepare applications. This is where we carry the weight of support.


One of the major funding sources for churches and historic buildings, especially for building repair and development is the Heritage Lottery Fund. HLF funding can help churches achieve their aspirations so that their buildings will be better utilised, they can engage more with the local community, and be a transforming presence. Funds can be used for undertaking physical improvements to the buildings and for community engagement processes.


Spires Heritge has a particular focus and specialism on supporting churches and charities through the HLF application process.


Some of the support we provide includes:

a. Project Planning

b. Bid Writing

c. Activity Planning

d. Community Consultation

e. Community events

f. Project management

g. Marketing and PR

h. Research

what we do

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